Stacy Smagula first became interested in holistic medicine when a family member became ill.  Not finding solutions with conventional approaches, Stacy began looking into alternative therapies to find the answers she desperately sought. Driven to help her loved one, Stacy immersed herself in the study of alternative healing practices.

In a short time, the results were in.  Not only was her family member relieved of illness, but drawing on her personal experiences and collaborations with several established holistic practitioners, Stacy began to successfully assist other individuals outside of her family. A practice was born.

Stacy is able to view the human energy system. She can observe the way a person’s energy moves inside and outside of their physical body.  She can pinpoint the emotional basis for their ailments and assess and what energies need to be redirected to allow the necessary frequency of energy to flow through and facilitate healing. 

Stacy also works with kinesiology, sacred geometry and advises on nutritional support therapies.

Stacy Smagula lives and practices in Butte, Montana.